Love’s Gentle Waves

Love’s Gentle Waves

“It’s good to be away from everything”, Rita said to her husband, John.

“Mmmm”, was his only response; but after 20 years of marriage Rita knew that meant he agreed. He enjoyed these mini vacations as much as she did and it was actually his idea to buy this house 10 years ago. Now that the kids were a little older, and more responsible, they could come up here more often without worrying about things back home.

As soon as they were done unpacking they immediately kicked off their shoes and headed for the beach. It was a tradition that the first thing they did upon arriving was take a long walk along the waterline and watch the sun as it slipped below the horizon. Holding hands, they slowly walked over the sand dunes toward the waves crashing gently against the shore. As they approached, the water she felt the hot sand between her toes and the warm sun upon her back, but was cooled by the gentle sea breeze. Her husband took her hand and she thought of how after so many walks along the beach she still savored every moment together with him. As they walked, the sun slowly began its descent towards the ocean. They stopped and sat down on a blanket they spread out upon the sand. The setting sun painted a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors on the sky and they sat silently pressed against each other’s side. Once the sun was down it started to grow cooler but Rita did not want to move; the warmth from John next to her kept her warm so there was no urgent need to move.

She listened to all of the sounds of the beach; the waves, the seagulls in the distance and the gentle whispers of shifting sand, mixed with the sea salt smell, brought back fond memories of so many weekends such as this. She found herself unconsciously rubbing John’s leg but did not realize until he gently turned her head toward him and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. As she responded to his kiss, their lips pressed more firmly together, seeking more. John enveloped her in his embrace and gently lowered her to the ground, coming to rest beside her. Her head tipped back as his mouth moved to her neck. She drew her leg over his hips so she could intimately press herself against him.

Rita was thankful for the darkness that cloaked them as John slid his hand up her thigh and under her skirt. Responding to love’s passionate call she unzipped his pants and gently pulled down his boxers, exposing his arousal. As she did so, he pulled her panties down and the feel of the cool night air on her most intimate parts nearly overwhelmed her. John pressed her back onto the sand and came to rest between her spread thighs. Entering her drew a moan from them both as they began moving against each other in a rhythm they knew so well. With increasing urgency, they pressed together until pleasure overtook them both as they shuddered their release simultaneously.

So many great memories had been made on this beach and hopefully they would continue to make them for years to come.

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