You have to be so careful with who you date at London escorts. There are now so many powerful people in London, and they seem to be getting themselves into a lot of trouble. I found at that a couple of the gents that I was seeing at escorts in London were politicians, and I immediately stopped dating them. It sounds silly, but I do not want to get caught up in all of that. Some girls don’t care, but I like to think about my family as well. What would they think if I ended up in all of the papers?

People in power seem to be drawn to girls like London escorts, and also get involved with other ladies who are not so nice. Yes, I know that many of these gents would like to have pretty girlfriends but they should think twice about things. Most London escorts will not kiss and tell, but it could be that gents have certain enemies who love to kiss and tell. I think this is often what happens, and it can be hard to figure out what is going on. This certainly applies to politicians, and I am not sure that I would ever entertain dating politicians again.

Most of the time these people date the wrong girls sort of girls. I heard of this London lap dancer who dated this politician and she actually told a paper where they were going to be. What was she thinking of when she called the paper! To me and most girls at escorts in London, this is totally crazy. I would never do that. Working for London escorts is not always easy as you have to balance things. If you have a famous date, you may not want to go out with him drinks or a meal. It is better to meet more discreetly.

I love all of my gents but I am careful with who I take on board in my London escorts diary. Sure, I have had the opportunity to date some real high flyers, but I have always stayed away from the situation. Like so many other sexy girls at escorts in London, I read the papers and make sure that I am aware who is about. If I get a really famous person outside my door, I may see him once but I may not see him again. It may seem odd, but it is my way of protecting myself.

Working for London escorts is a great experience, but I have learned that you have to look after yourself. Things are not as black and white as they seem in this world. Sometimes you get a celebrity who would like to make a name for himself, and you have to be aware that they don’t care if they drag you into it. Yes, I would love to trust all of my dates here at London escorts, but I always come down on the side of caution. You never really know who your new date is, and if he is famous person, I kind of try to see if I can figure him out a bit more. You are never going to find me on the front page of a sex scandal the Sun newspaper, not now and not ever.

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