Tower Bridge Escorts on Politics

I don”t really believe any politician any more, says Calima from Tower Bridge escorts. In the past I was quite happy to date politicians and go out with them, but the last guy I dated from the house of commons was not the nicest guy that I have ever met. First of all, he was always late for his dates, and number two, he was not the cleanest guy in the world. When he came around, he had half of his breakfast hanging off his tie, and his shirt always had coffee stains on it. He never did me any harm, but there was something about him.


When we chatted at Tower Bridge escorts, it soon became clear that he was not into politics to make things better for us all. Casting my mind back, I honestly think that this guy was only into politics so that he could earn some extra money. Do politicians get paid too much? In all honesty I think that many politicians are paid too much, and I keep wondering if we are not being too generous towards them. After all, what have them ever done for us???


Employment rights for Tower Bridge escorts, or other escorts in London, don’t seem to be coming up too much in the House of Commons. For instance, we are always going into meetings at the agency, but at the same time, most of the girls here are expected to be self employed. It is not really so much of a big deal, but I do think that more escorts services in London, should start to employ their escorts. It really makes me wonder why they don’t want to.


In other countries, especially in the more liberal countries such as Denmark and Holland, escorts are often employed. The thing is that girls like Tower Bridge escorts are not going to go away, so the local government, may as well accept that we exist. It seems such hypocrisy in a way, when many gents who work for the government pay us. I am sure that many of the girls at the agency feel the same way as I do.


Lots of the politicians that I have met here at Tower Bridge escorts seem to talk all of the time, and I am not sure that is what good politics are all about. Little action is taken in this country. For instance, we are still waiting for the politicians what is going to happen about Brexit. There seems to be a lot of shouting and screaming about us coming out of the EU, and then nothing. For a Polish girl like me, that is very confusing. I would like to know of I can stay in the UK or not, but a decision on that has not been made, so it is hard work. Politicians – do I need them in my life, I am not so sure to be honest. If you were to ask the rest of the girls here at the agency, I think that they would give you very much the same answer.