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South London feminists are saying no to Internet porn in a big way. According to South London escorts, the girls want all porn removed from the Internet and they are asking for much tighter controls on everything. The South London escorts say that some feminists say that some lingerie shops are too risky. Well, I don’t really know what is going on here but I think it would be much better to aim for a goal that can be achieved. It is very unlikely that all porn will be removed from the Internet and I cannot see that all lingerie, or online sex shops, will be shut down.

Sometimes I wonder if some feminists actually see sex as a part of life. Do they actually allow themselves to enjoy sex? Some South London escorts say that many of the ladies are going way over the top and making themselves look silly. The South London escorts that I spoke to say that at the end of the day porn makes money and you can find it in many other places as well. I even came across some vibrators being sold in the publication Lady a couple of weeks back. What can I say, or rather what would South London feminists say.

There is porn everywhere. You can just open up a magazine and find a sexy perfume advert. Is sex porn, it sounds like many feminists are confused about what is what. A couple of South London escorts that I know tried to speak to a couple of the girls protesting and it was a bit like the felt they had to cover up. Some of the girls looked like they had nothing feminine to show off anyway. Most of the sexiest South London escorts from  say that the girls are throw backs to a much earlier time and seem to not realize how much sex and porn we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Perhaps it would be a good idea for them to take a look around.

Next time you switch on the TV, you simply must be careful not to watch the “porny” car adverts, or Virgin holidays advertising one of their holidays. Some of them are certainly a bit close to the mark, say South London escorts, but nobody seems to mind. You can apparently get your mojo back if you book a holiday to Las Vegas with Virgin holidays and this is demonstrated by a lady wriggling in dress up gear on a bed. Some people would call that pornographic, says one of the South London escorts.

Perhaps the girls are getting their knickers in the twist of nothing. Maybe they should, as suggested by South London escorts, first of all deal with the problem of child prostitution in South London. There are many good causes they could get together on with South London escorts and perhaps something could be done about them. It is always better to work together and sometimes you will find the most unlikely companions make the best of friends. It is certainly an issue worth exploring and finding out of it could work.