Are you looking for a solution to the overall needs for your business function and you live in Ascot? That is not a problem for me at all. I would love to help you out and so would the other girls here at Ascot escorts services. The girls that I work with at the agency just love to attend business function and we can really make sure that th business rolls in if you know what I mean. How exactly we do that, is something that we can talk about if you give me a call.

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Are you looking for a bit of help with that dinner function? Your best friends have invited you to a dinner function, and you don’t want to go on your own. The last time you went your friends thought that you may bring a hot girl. That is not a problem for me or any of my friends here at Ascot escorts. I don’t want you to go to dinner on your own. Would it be okay with you if I slipped on my sexiest dress and you took me to dinner. That would really surprise your friends, I am sure that it would.

So, you have a golf day coming up and you are missing a caddy? Well, I was wondering if I could be your sexy caddy this weekend… I am may not know my way around your clubs yet, but I certainly know my way around balls. Thinking about, I am pretty sure that you can find a way to teach all about your clubs. You may have to not rush things because I am a little bit slow when it comes to learning new things. You see, I am legally blonde…

Are you going on a holiday or weekend break? Are you going on your own? First of all, I am really sorry to hear that you are being forced to take a holiday on your own. But you know, there is no need for you to go on holiday on your own. I would be more than happy to take some time off from Ascot escorts and help you to carry your suntan lotion. Can I just ask… would it be okay if I brought my red bikini? I have a feeling that you would like to see me in it.

If you would like to meet up with me or any of the other girls here at Ascot escorts, I like you to know that it is really easy to set up a date with us. When you are ready, all you need to do is to let me know what I can do for and give Ascot escorts a call. I am sure that you and I can have a lot of fun together. If it is the first time you have given us a call to use our services, I will make sure that I take extra good care of you. After all, I would like you to come back to us, or me, time and time again. Once we meet, I am sure that you would like to do that.

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