Getting to Know Your Body’s Pleasure Zones

Do you want to enjoy a better sex life? If the answer to that question is yes, you want to be able to find your body’s pleasure zones. Some women don’t know where their pleasure zones out, and I bet if you were to ask the girls here at Tottenham escorts, not all of them would know where there pleasure zones are located. We all have different pleasures zones and finding them can really enhance you sex life.

Some of the guys that I have dated think that women only have one pleasure zone, and that is the clitoris. That would be totally wrong, and most women have at least two pleasure zones. The men I date at Tottenham escorts are poorly aware of the same thing as well, and you really have to tell them that there are more to women than what we have between our legs. Surely that cannot be that hard to understand.

I am not sure that I have found all of my pleasure zones yet, but I think that I am getting there. It is not so hard to find them and you can tell a guy that you are dating that you enjoy being touched in a certain spot. It is a bit like me giving a guy a massage at Tottenham escorts, I can tell that he like being touched in a certain place and it makes him feel good. He may relax a little bit more or may some sort of noise.

When a guy finds one of my pleasures zones, I always let him know by moaning a little bit. For instance, one of my pleasures zones is all around my neck, and I love it when a guy touches me in the right spot. But if he moves too close to my ear, I go nuts the other way. I hate having my ears touched and I make sure that he knows. The same thing happens when I work at Tottenham escorts. Massage a guy in the wrong place, and he will soon let you know. I think that is obvious, but we women do sometimes tend to hold back on those feelings of being touched in the wrong place. That is not what you should be doing. I always let a guy know.

My favorite pleasure zones are my nipples. When I get a guy touching or playing with my nipples just right, I go mad with desire. I have tried using nipple clamps, but I don’t get the same effect at all. It has to be fingers, a tongue or a pair of lips. No nibbling is allowed as it is not very pleasant at all. I am not sure why nibbling turns me off, but it certainly does. Do I tell my gents at Tottenham escorts about the secret of pleasure zones? On occasion we may just do some straight talking and that is when I take the chance to tell them that finding their partner’s pleasure zones, can make them into really great lovers. Hopefully they listen to what I say to them.…