They just love luxury Items – Escorts in London


Escorts in London and cheating housewives both love luxury, and you are likely to find them around some of the most luxurious destinations and locations around the world.

Escorts and horny housewives are the ones who will travel first class to a destination having made sure they have booked the best rooms or the tops suites. Armed with a bottle of the best Champagne they will wait until the perfect toy boys or escorts appear at their doors.

That being said, they don’t mind getting out there and finding some action for themselves. Both escorts and housewives love dancing, and you are just as likely to find the hanging around clubs and bars.

So, where around the world are you likely to find cheating housewives an escorts hanging out?


There are now daily flights available to Dubai and it has become one of the top destinations for both cheating housewives and escorts to travel to. Dubai has some of the most luxurious hotels in the entire world and this is what the girls are after.

Dubai is also famous for its amazing shopping, and many ladies like to take their toy boys and escorts shopping when they go away for that little special personal vacation. It is not that uncommon to see a lady with a younger looking man hitting the shops in Dubai, and I am fairly certain they are not family. Would you squeeze your son’s bum in the middle of a shopping mall?

New York

The city that never sleeps. Sadly, British Airways are not any longer operating supersonic services to New York. Escorts used to love jumping on Concorde together with their favorite friends, and treat themselves to a weekend in New York.

Cheating housewives appreciate New York as well. It is one of those cities which you can totally disappear in, and nobody will know who you are. It is a place where you can go for a romantic treat, and even take your toy boy for a carriage ride around Central park.

All the restaurants are great and as all escorts know, the shopping is just superb.


Paris is now some much more accessible thanks to the Channel tunnel, and many cheating housewives make this their ideal get away spot. This can be such a delightfully naughty city, and together you can enjoy one of the many shows such as the Moulin Rouge.

Once again you will find that many escorts come here to do their designer shopping and they may even bring their partners for a special treat. The hotels are great and the food is second to none.

You can enjoy a romantic river cruise on the Seine, or just leisurely walk around the city enjoying all its delights.

There is nothing like a break away to make your love or sex life that little bit more exciting. Sometimes it is nice to join in the fun, go shopping or to see the sites. On other occasions, it is just as much fun to put the key card in the door, order room service and forget about the world outside.