I am still thankful that after all I have been through I still got an opportunity to continue living especially now that I have children to feed. I am thankful for the people behind London escort for helping me back again. It’s like oh my god I miss this job, the people I work with and everything. It’s been too long since I am stay at home parent and have this abusive husband with me. Before I get married, I work as a London escort from the prestigious Escort Agency and it was help me a lot in life. It helps me to provide my family a good financial support, especially to the time that my mom needs a surgery. I am very happy that I had this kind of job that supported me for a long time. I was just 18 years old when I enter this career, I never had finished college, my parents can’t afford it and I understand the poverty that we experience. So, I become a working student to continue college I almost reach my dreams but it was stole from me by my mother’s illness. I have to go home to take good care of her, my dad is not here anymore to look after her. We are only two siblings; the other was is still a kid that time. I get panic every time my mom is attack, all the medicines are just donations and I can’t think of where to get after that. I don’t want to be nothing about it. I just can’t let my mom died. She is important to me especially that my sibling is still need of her. At one point I look for a work to support us. I’ve been applying many stores but still have no luck to it. Until our neighbour from London came to me and asked me if I am interested joining her as. A London escort. I said yes to it, I told my mom that we will look for a nanny and I will be the one to pay for it. It pains me to leave my mom and sister but we will all die if we stay together doing nothing. I pity my mom and sister that is why I am doing everything for them. When I arrived at London, I feel so grateful for the warm welcome by London escort. I start to work there and sending money to my mom. I got extra money especially being tip by my clients that is why I had hospitalized my mom and have her operated. We have a good life since I work. But I met my husband Jason that eventually stole my opportunity again; I marry him because I love him so much. We had children’s and at first I thought it would be a happy marriage. But years passed by he changed and abused me every day of my life. I already loss my patience for a long time being abused that is why I leave him and start a new life.

I would rather be alone than be with my ex-husband – London escort
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