Parliament Members With Checkered Pasts

All sorts of rumours surround Boris Johnson who is at the moment trying to become the next leader of the Conservative party. I am not sure if he is the right man for the job, to be honest. First of all, no one is sure how many children this man has. One of the girls at our London escorts told me that she has even heard a rumour that he into threesomes in the park and dating all sorts of girls. A girl I know from a rival London escorts says that she has heard that he has had about ten mistresses.

I really do wonder if this man will stand up to the scrutiny of being PM. I would not say that all politicians are into dating London escorts, but I know that there have been at least a few MP’s who have dated London escorts. A few years ago, there was even a bit of a mini scandal concerning London escorts and one rather prominent politician. The problem is that dating London escorts may not be the smartest thing to do.

Of course, London escorts would never blackmail you, but I think that there are many who would consider blackmailing politicians. If you want to be the PM, I think that you will need to be whiter than white, and that is something Boris Johnson is not. As a matter of fact, I think that he seems to be a bit of a black sheep and that can’t be good news, it means that we may not be able to trust.

One of the girls I work with at London escorts says that Boris reminds her of Donald Trump. He also has a history of having numerous mistresses and partners. I think that Donald Trump likes Boris Johnson because he reminds him so much of himself and that is why he would like Boris to be our PM. At the same time, it makes me wonder if Boris has other skeletons hidden in the cupboard waiting to come out. It actually rather scary when you come to think of it.

Even if Boris has not had threesomes in the park, I think that the members of the Conservative party should think twice before electing him. The US President has come under a lot of ridicule from his checkered past and I am sure that is what is going to happen to our country if Boris gets elected. I can’t think of any girl working for the best cheap escorts in London who would consider voting for him. Sure, he may save as a bit of tax by raising the tax bracket, but this is one man I do not think would be any good for the country. Hopefully, most women who do have a right to vote for him will vote for someone or even abstain from voting.…